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  • Model Number: ESR high precision inductance meter
  • is_customized: Yes
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Chinese graphics M328 transistor tester RLC, online ESR, zener diode 50V high precision inductance capacitance meter 1% 2.4G frequency meter, can be used in interphone transmitting frequency test. A variety of functions in one, with high precision, high ratio of performance to price, DIY shell, screen size is moderate, small volume, easy to carry, the built-in lithium battery with charging function, electronic enthusiasts essential gadget. A demo video download.



Universal tester type RC100

Multi function combined, can mix and match, multiple functions into one body, high accuracy 1%, high ratio of performance to price, although the DIY shell, no customization is good, but the performance and function of poor, high ratio of performance to price, priority can be across the watch the appearance of moderate size; screen, small volume, convenient carrying, the built-in lithium battery with charging function, electronic enthusiasts essential gadget.
Function (6 1) introduction:
1, figure display transistor tester 2, simple signal generator (Fang Bo) 3, high precision frequency meter 4, available online, ESR 5 zener diode measurements of 6, high precision inductance capacitance meter
1, transistor tester can complete automatic recognition and measurement of the transistor, FET, IGBT, diode, dual diode, resistance, resistance, capacitance, inductance double, measurable capacitance ESR (non online measurement) and other functions. Some special pipe can not be identified, the scope of use please read the instructions.
2, simple signal generator (Fang Bo): the highest 4MHz, frequency adjustable non continuous output, such as 4M, 2M, 1M, 100K, 1KHz and so on... At... One button to adjust the output slightly a little trouble, but can meet the general use. Can be customized for 8MHz
The output signal voltage: 4.5V series 680 ohm resistor. This function under the condition of automatic shutdown, can manual shutdown,
3, A: 0-3.8Mhz frequency meter, the input signal voltage is 2.5-5V., the resolution of 1Hz. Can be customized for 7.6MHz
B high precision frequency meter, 16Hz-100Mhz., input signal voltage is 2.5-5V, the resolution of 16Hz. Have been calibrated
C high precision frequency meter, 1024Hz-2.4Ghz., input signal voltage is 0.03V, the resolution of 1024Hz. Can be used in interphone transmitting frequency test. Can be a simple DIY for 2.4G 100M double gear.
Not fully tested, 2.4G no condition test, 500MHz OK test. Have been calibrated
ABC three select a function
4, on-line ESR: measuring when access port 13, European 0.01-20, resolution of 0.01 ohms, measuring the voltage 300mV, and at the same time measuring capacity; the accuracy is not high but used to judge the quality of a capacitor is no problem.
5, a voltage stabilizing diode measurement and incidental voltmeter (because of filter capacitance, need to have a certain time delay): the highest 50V. Optional features
6, a high precision capacitance and inductance capacitance table: 1pF-1uF, the minimum resolution 0.01pF, accuracy of 1%; inductance 1uH-100mH, the minimum resolution 0.001uH, accuracy of 1%; LC resonance method, frequency up to 550KHz or more, will have zero drift problem, first double-click before measuring zero calibration, measurement can be as soon as possible, a digital bridge effect, and transistor under the function of inductance and capacitance measuring complement each other. Can be a simple DIY inductance range extension to 100H.
LCD12864 Chinese graphic display, intuitive.
There are also English version.
The use of IC lock seat, convenient element line, patch block; patch clamp can be equipped with trumpet gold.
Single key operation, the button click, double-click, flexible, multi shot, long press etc..
Automatic, manual shutdown, automatic shutdown time can be set (0-30 minutes, 0 for automatic shutdown)
USB A head 5V power supply interface direct supply and charge, the standard version of the built-in 3.7V lithium battery, with charging function, replacing battery change often trouble, economy.
But the menu or shortcut keys selection function, can set the boot function. Single key operation need to practice a little, very simple. According to the second out menu.
Dear children don\'t too less keys, can search the bread machine, is the 20 function with a button to switch.
Technical performance:
1. Using ATmega328 microcontroller.
2. Graphic liquid crystal display.
3. One button operation, auto power off.
4. Turn off current is only 20nA, support the operation of the battery.
5. Shut off the power supply automatically support. 1.10k version of the software.
6. Automatic detection of PNP and NPN type bipolar transistor, N, P channel MOSFET, JFET, IGBT, diode, dual diode, thyristor controlled silicon, resistance, capacitance, inductance. In, high-power silicon controlled rectifier can\'t identify or recognition error,
7. Automatic detection of the pin layout.
8. The threshold voltage and current measurement of the bipolar transistor amplification coefficient and the emitter junction leakage current, ICE,.
9. Darlington transistor through a high threshold voltage and high current amplification coefficient identification. But there is a built-in resistance of beta values
10. Protection of bipolar junction transistor, diode forward voltage drop of Uf detection and MOSFET.
11. The threshold voltage Vt and the gate capacitance measurement of MOSFET C.
12. Measuring and symbols in support of two resistive display, a maximum of four digits and display unit. Resistance symbol display is the tester probe number connection (1-3). So the potentiometer can also measure. If the potentiometer to adjust to its end, the tester can not distinguish the middle and both ends of the pin.
13. Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms, the highest 50M value measurement in ohms.
14. Capacitance, can be detected and measured a capacitor. A maximum of four digits and display unit. 25pf - 100000 uF. Resolution of up to 1 pF.
15. Can the capacitor equivalent series resistance of the 2UF numerical above (ESR) capacitance measurement. The resolution is 0.01 ohms and display two digit numerical. This function requires at least 16K flash ATMEGA (ATmega168 or ATmega328).
16. Of the two diode display in the right direction sign. In addition, show the forward voltage drop.
17. LED detection for the diode forward voltage drop is higher than normal, a lot of. Double light emitting diode detection for double diode.
18. Zener diode can be detected, if the reverse breakdown voltage is lower than 4.5V. This will display two diodes, only through the voltage determination. The probe around the diode symbol is the same, in this case, you can through the threshold voltage of the diode 700mV anode near the true recognition!
19. * * * * this year to understand, not to turn over the * * * *
If more than 3 diode parts inspection, the establishment of diode display another failure message number. This can only happen, if the diode is connected to the three probe all and at least one diode. In this case, you should only connect two probe measurements and start again, one by one.
20. Capacitance measurements of single diode reverse value, capacitance, reverse current Ir. Bipolar transistor can also measure, if you connect the base and collector or emitter.
21. Only a single measurement to find out the connection of the whole bridge.
22. The value lower than 25pf capacitor is usually not detected, but can be associated with a diode in parallel or at least 25pf shunt capacitor. In this case, you must subtract the shunt capacitance values part.
23. Inductance, resistance less than 2100 ohm measurement of inductance, 0.01mH - 20H, but the precision is not good. The measurement results show only a single element connection.
24. The test time is about 2 seconds, only the capacitance and inductance measurement will require a longer time.
25. The software can be set to auto power off time.
26. The clock frequency accuracy of 50Hz signal checking built-in self-test function with optional and waits for the call (ATmega168 and ATmega328).
27. The measurement of internal resistance of optional equipment calibration port output and zero offset self checking capability (ATmega168 and ATmega328). Need a 100nF to a 20uF capacitor connected to pin 1 and pin offset voltage compensation analog comparator 3. Measurement error which can reduce more than 40uF capacitor. The correction voltage reference voltage was found ADC internal reference measuring and adjusting gain for capacitors within the same.
If the test current exceeds the holding current, silicon controlled rectifier and a bidirectional controlled silicon can be detected. Current, but some semiconductor silicon controlled rectifier and a bidirectional controlled silicon than the tester can provide more high trigger current. The test current provides only about 6mA!
Calibration: 123 short joint, a key measurement when? Then press the button when prompted to enter the calibration, disconnect the 123 terminals, remove the short connection, press any key to continue, >100nF display, pick up a high quality 100nF to 20uF capacitor is connected to pins 1 and 3 complete calibration. Takes about 1 minutes. Before the shipment has been adjusted, don\'t school.
Full function and high precision LC type: a box and open holes, containing lithium battery 50V high precision LC 2.4Ghz
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  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
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